If you’re like us, you probably carry your phone with you everywhere you go, use it throughout the day and maybe even feel like somethings missing when its not around.

They've become a huge part of our lives and keeping them in great condition allows us to use them for years to come as well as preserve their value when it comes time to upgrade. Like other important objects in our lives, we always found it important to protect and preserve. But when it comes to phone cases, we noticed a problem - for years protection meant wrapping our devices in bulky, unnecessarily heavy cases that made our mobile devices - well, not so mobile.

This led to ask ourselves this question - what does the sweet spot between protection and style look like? After much thought and work, we believe we've answered that with our super thin cases. As minimalists, creatives and nerds (not necessarily in that order) we believe the best products are the ones that seamlessly blend into our lives and we're confident to say that our products do just that.

If you’re reading this, you might’ve just purchased a case, or, are about to. We truly hope you enjoy what we think is the phone case that perfectly balances protection and style.

With much love, from California, thanks!