iPhone 14 Plus Case



Backordered, ships in October.

Product collection Collection Super Thin Case
Product charge Wireless Charging Compatible
Product Thinkness Thickness 0.30mm
Product Weight Weight 0.20oz
Product Material Material Thermoplastic

Super Thin

At just 0.30mm, it's half the thickness of a credit card and less than 4 pieces of paper thin. Made for those that only need protection from daily wear and tear.

Branding Free

Maintain the clean aesthetics of your iPhone 14 Plus with our brand free case.

Smooth Grip

You’ll love the texture of our Super Thin iPhone 14 Plus case. The matte finish feels smooth and comfortable with just the right amount of grip.

Perfect Fit

Mirroring every contour of your iPhone 14 Plus, it only takes two snaps and a few seconds for our ultra thin case to be installed. A unique resin gives the M3 elastic properties for an easy installation on your iPhone 14 Plus.

Wireless Charging

Designed for people on-the-move. Our Super Thin iPhone 14 Plus case is compatible with wireless charging so you won't be slowed down.

Precise Details

Precision engineered cutouts provide a flush reveal of your iPhone 14 Plus -- Allowing easy access to control buttons without compromising protection.