iPhone 8 Plus Case


Matte Black

Product Name

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Product collection Collection Aramid Fiber Case
Product charge Wireless Charging Compatible
Product Thinkness Thickness 0.60mm
Product Weight Weight 0.30oz
Product Material Material Aramid Fiber

Incredibly Thin

At just 0.60mm, our Aramid Fiber Case is as thin as a credit card, keeping your iPhone 8 Plus light and easily accessible.

Minimal Branding

Simplicity is the hallmark of good design. Our philosophy is to find the optimal balance between form and function with premium materials.

Feels Awesome

You’ll love the texture of our Aramid Fiber. Made with a matte finish, it feels smooth and comfortable providing the perfect amount of grip for your iPhone 8 Plus.

Perfect Fit

Mirroring every contour of your iPhone 8 Plus, it takes just two snaps and a couple of seconds for your Aramid Fiber case to be installed.

Wireless Charging

Designed for people on-the-move. Our Aramid Fiber iPhone 8 Plus case is compatible with wireless charging so you won't be slowed down.

Mighty Strong

Used in military equipment and high performance vehicles for its amazing strength and durability, Aramid Fiber is stronger than steel at the same thickness.

Precise Details

Precision engineered cutouts provide a flush reveal of your iPhone 8 Plus, allowing easy access to control buttons without compromising protection.